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Ad Design – Ultimate Guide to Influence Consumer Behavior

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The brain makes decisions before you even know it!

As digital media marketers it is very important to understand that there are ways to communicate directly to each and every human being’s subconscious mind which is responsible for making decisions much before the conscious one interferes.

The subconscious or the unconscious mind is constantly being influenced by one’s surroundings and through associations of ideas, experiences, thoughts and beliefs; one might have experienced over the years.

This course on “Complete Digital Advertising & Brand Communication Guide” will help you in understanding how the brain processes information and how you can use it to create more favourable/memorable ads/ content that increase your marketing return on ad/ content investment.

As human beings we are exposed to 362 ads in a day, out of which we are only aware of 86, out of those only 12 are remembered.

Do you want to make high performing ads that are remembered by people? If yes, this course is all you need to master the art of ad creation.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Fully understand digital communication fundamentals
  • Increase conversions and sales with high performing content
  • Maximise the customers attention towards your communication
  • Create content that attracts more sales
  • Understand advertising strategies and techniques about where and how to place ads
  • Understand how consumer’s perceive or can be influenced by ads
  • Understand difference between a good ad and a bad one at psychological level
  • Understand how use of fonts, colours or visuals that can impact performance of your ads

In a nutshell, the course has been designed to teach you – how you can make maximum return on your ad/ content investment?

This course will teach you how after you’ve done your best,  how you can do even better. Try the steps taught to you in this course and track how each small change will effect your ‘Click Rates’, ‘ROI’ or ‘Conversions’.  Each small change will bring you actionable results and you’ll be able to track them, REAL TIME.

Get ready to maximise your potential from each penny spent, get the maximum sales conversion & make the most of your marketing budget!


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