Python Course

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Python is taking the computing industry by storm. It is growing ever so popular due to its easy learning curve, simple structure and a huge reliable community. While used in almost every aspect of the computing industry, Python finds it’s lion share usage in fields like Data Analytics, Statistics, Machine Learning & AI. This course is meant to get you started with your Python coding and will act as a prerequisite course for you if you want to proceed to learn Data Science.

The course covers the fundamentals of Python programming and is a perfect start to your journey of coding. You will get hands-on coding experience with 100 percent practical training.

What you will learn

  • Introduction to Python
  • How Python functions
  • Variables
  • Using different Data Types
  • Basics of iterations
  • Coding repetitive tasks
  • Structuring conditional statements
  • IF statements
  • Organising reusable codes
  • Using function statements
  • Creating Classes
  • Using Classes


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